Complications associated with gastric bypass (in English only)

With any major surgery there is always a risk of complications such as infection and increased probability of blood clots. Beyond this some complications are specifically associated with gastric bypass surgery. Such surgery will always result in some scarring of intestine, and this can lead to hernia and anastomotic stricture.

An anastomosis is the surgical connection between the stomach and intestine. When the anastomosis heals it forms scar tissue which tends to shrink over time making the opening smaller. This is called a stricture.

Another well-known complication is anastomotic leakage.

Gastric bypass surgery relies on the body’s healing abilities. When the healing fails fluid from the intestine can leak into the abdominal cavity leading to infection and abscess formation. Hernia, anastomotic stricture and leakage can be painful, and they can result in reduced or lost appetite. Sometimes a further operation is needed.